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    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you

    2019-10-21 09:44:35 來源: 有色寶

      With the hold of 2019 Canton Fair (autumn) started on October 15th at Guangzhou Pazhou Complex, Guangdong Weiye Group had brought its various products to attend the fair.


    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you

    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you

      Weiye wonderfully appeared with its system integration solutions and high-end products

      As a pioneer in aluminium industry, Guangdong Weiye Group have shown the artisan spirit of aluminium-made-in-China to the customers from all over the world by attending the fair with architectural profiles, industrial profiles, aluminium doors&windows, aluminum furniture and other system integration solutions and characteristic products.




      Hot products

    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you


      Steady and durable


      Weiye WYT78 series tilt and turn window

      Performance:  Air tightness grade 8, water tightness grade 6, wind pressure resistance capacity grade 9, K value ≤1.6,  strip effectively separates outdoor water-tightness cavity from indoor air-tightness cavity. The seal effect is good with multiple seal design and EPDM strip. Unique pin type angle profile can meet the need of different angles. Surrounding sealant strengthened the connection. Suitable for the high-end project with strict requirement on thermal insulation, air tightness and water tightness.


    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you


      126CANTON FAIR

      100 series three-track sliding window with screen

      Adopt the design of highlow tracks for drainage and the latest patented seal design, and utilize the principle of horizontal and vertical single-sided reaction force. Three-dimensional graphic design. It can be used for double tracks, three tracks or other open combination designs. Three track design can be equipped with stainless steel screen, and can be made according to different angle window.


    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you



      WYA160 Three-rack narrow frame triple linkage hanging door

      It is flexible and simple that the upper load-bearing pulleys make the passage unobstructed and it is suitable for various occasions. The ultra-narrow frame design makes the space view more spacious and the lighting get better. The simple and decent appearance provides unique visual enjoyment. It can be used to two or three racks sliding door.


    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you


      126 CANTON FAIR

      Weiye deep space grey back hanging cloakroom

      High-grade grey and unique stone texture show vitality. With the integration of the orange elements, the cloakroom is reasonably separated into different practical areas. Flexible and individual, it creates visual impact. The design of no side panel and no door creates more sense of space.

      (Range of application: separate cloakroom, mixed cloakroom, suite cloakroom)



    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you

    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you

    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you

      Canton Fair as the first promotion platform for China's foreign trade,Weiye will take full advantage of this platform to show global customers the artisan spirit of manufacture and brand strength of China.




    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you

    廣交會,“偉業橙”來了!Canton Fair, Weiye welcome you